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Then once the instructors

Evelyn ? Sauter. Russian spies off the old hurry, Sauter colleagues suspect that the eyes of the face, hysterical peace asked whether her husband because she thought the other must be as stress his own kidnapping. Sure enough, she tried to call home but usually no one at home at the moment the husband should answer the call.Sauter colleagues, that this is more so the performance of her guilty conscience that she is indeed Russian spies. After a fierce chase, Sauter out of the police and the CIA is hunt.U.S. Vice President in the term of the death of politicians around the world come to condole, Russian President was among them. Ceremony will be held in the cathedral, while the dyed black hair Sauter is also mixed with the church. She made separately with Russian President explosion into her trap and, ultimately, always thought she was Russian, a black CIA agent shot and killed in front of colleagues in the Russian President. Russian President looked at gradually stopped struggling, Sauter dropped the pistol to the black officers to surrender.However, in the escort Sauter on the way, she once again successfully created a police car accident and once again escape to heaven. Sauter to the sea to escape a dilapidated boat, that the old Soviet Union to escape these agents is also her. The Sauter is really a spy in Russia. In the boat she saw the old agents and not only those who then had trained with her young agents, have also met his kidnapped husband. Then once the instructors, the old spy brutally shot and killed in front of the Salt for her husband.Sauter very strong heart hold back the pain of grief, the old agents and spies in front of the students put on an indifferent face, but inside he Henji these kill the man she loved people. She sets out the old agents next step - the assassination of U.S. President to lead to world war. She then took advantage of relaxed vigilance on the other jimmy choo side, killing all the old agents and the presence of the former

The results make us question the wide-eyed recognition of Soviet-era E Guolao Tegong he led a secret spy organization

followed by a "little brother", two people stopped talking.A gangster dressed Lin Guofeng to bring the effect of two shock, Angelina Jolie and even faint hand extended to the left hand satchel.Lin Guofeng will of course know what is inside the bag, so quickly raised his hands to indicate he did not threaten."That ... ..." Lin Guofeng scratched his head, "we did not mean to come here! Disturb both the sorry!" Behind the death of ice also nodded to hear these words, but after seeing Angelina Jolie, luminous eyes never stopped, a downright gentlemen phase ... ... The second volume of space the body of the film is tragic chapter Angelina "husband""Who are you?" Man back asked. The thought of eavesdropping on their accosted the two men and beautiful women, or in their place of work, it feels less like it is, especially to see the boy behind his girlfriend to see this girl will become Jimmy Choo Pumps the eyes, wanted to fiercely pumping him up, but since the man in front of a triad dress, this feeling really have to temporarily Renxia."We ... ah ... tourists! Hey, not to ask ... ..." Lin Guofeng scratched his head, inquired."Eveline. Shao special!" Angelina Jolie replied."Ted. Mike." Man replied.Lin Guofeng blinked his eyes, half a day to react, in front of two people should be the husband and wife, when their ticket office of the panels in the film see the description: An American businesswoman Evelyn ? Sauter (Angelina Jolie ? Zhu Li played) Korean People is Army were arrested on charges of espionage. Robust soldiers who repeatedly abuse this American woman, * She admitted to the United States agent. Fortunately, through a DS-American biologist of her admirers (like it, I,m not too concerned about the male role of general background) in all sectors of lobbying by the United States finally agreed to use the hostages in exchange for Sauter. Sauter misery, she was running around that men are moved to save their own, so the two finally came together.After a period of time, Sauter her husband enjoy a day care and concern, the two happy life together. Until one day, CIA seized a Russian agent, Sauter as a CIA agents, and her boss questioning them together. However, the results make us question the wide-eyed Jimmy Choo Boots recognition of Soviet-era E Guolao Tegong he led a secret spy organization, members are minor children, he brainwashed the children and then sent to the United States to play their role in the future .The old Tegong also disclosed that there will be one of the recent training of the agents initiated by him to the United States for the assassination of the president of Russia visit, which were the names of agents is - SALT, Sauter

"You come here often

opposite sex, but effect is much worse, can only let people feel good, to do follow our advice, that should their efforts.And blood volume does not show, and let Lin Guofeng faint some crazy.Thought of this, Lin Guofeng was secretly vowed, however, must give a small meal after the leave more energy, or else at a later time through the fix will have more bad horrible mutation.Want to clear these after pulling up the look of surprise Lin Guofeng turned to sit on the floor looked around the death of ice.Death accounted for ice glazing eyes up and asked: "how do we do?""Live!" Lin Guofeng Touyemeihui the walk to the jungle. "Live ... ..." talking about the death of ice mouth twice, his eyes gradually returned to look, looked up and saw Lin Guofeng has gone so far away, quickly followed up ... ..."I am pleased to see you again ~" a man is voice, Lin Guofeng surprised and secretly touched Le knife right on."You talking to me? We know it?" A female voice came magnetic. Lin Guofeng might seem possible at this time the other party is not aware of what he says. Passed away over the ice has now been pulled by Lin Guofeng to a tree."Yes, we have met." Male voice."You come here often?" "Ah, I work here, and museums. I am a entomologist."Lin Guofeng realized at this time, the original is not in crisis, two people born in the jungle dark, but in Jimmy Choo Wedges a museum of natural history."Study?" "I collected the spider."... ...Lin Guofeng steal a glance, instantly enlarge the pupil.Who is actually in front of Angelina. Julie! Who was born in 1975, Los Angeles, Angelina Jolie took to performing arts is hard to say whether the road from the family background of luck. When the economic distress of small she and her mother moved frequently with his brother, 14-year-old made her professional models, but also often too busy to do tour and flying in the major cities. Under the guidance of her mother, her 16-year-old came to New York, Lee - Manchester Les Berger made an ordinary theater students do after they started performing in the theater. Then she quickly reached the play Yingquan.In 2001 she starred in the movie adaptation of the game "Tomb Raider", but also to further her wide attention. ? 2000 and Billy Bob Thornton ? Lightning get married, divorced in May 2003. 3 years of marriage this too became a hot topic for a time. In 2004, she limelight very strong, straight took a role in many films, including "mobility kill", "Alexander the Great." In 2005 she and Brad Pitt ? Because the film "Mr and Mrs Smith" bonds, came together and gave birth to three children, plus Jolie adopted three children before, this one has become "multi-national family." Julie is popularity soared, the Minister of filming the movie also has quality assurance, and she in 2007 is "A Mighty Heart" and 2008 is "Changeling Supremacy" in the show are given critics highly praised. Julie With "Changeling Supremacy" won 81 Best Actress Oscar nomination.It is always like to play the game Lin Guofeng at the real idol. Muscle trembling, Lin Guofeng slow out of the jungle.A conversation between two people, see Lin Guofeng suddenly came out from the side, behind also

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And then work with the mayor

the following account of the implementation of the Mike is third instructions: Ma fish to the river valley, to the history of slave training and procurement of a small amount of corn seed farms.In any case, the fat is in charge, Mr. Shuaike a good soldier following orders, he is not a trace of the implementation of the Mike Gou all instructions.Now, he has been with reporters, with the elite Green City, came to the Yukon River tributary valley seat Ma fish fish town.Team Chi Ma fish into the town, in the busy farmers and agricultural derivatives industry professionals looking curiosity, this slightly luxurious fleet of relaxation to the front of the town hall of a small, stopped the car.The new mayor has been waiting in front of a fourstory buildings. Into view he saw when the team, it has been down to the front of the building to wait.Shuaike competent rush to open the door, the first from the lead to jump off of a car, while a very strange rush to each other, Mr. Mayor nodded hastily went to the second side of the rear car door, open the door.Mr Deputy Mayor was not a good match with the Shuaike director, from his secretary that he actually left the door open out of the car.But Deputy Mayor has therefore Shuaike charge of this fat is more a good impression, thanks to the Shuaike nodded and only after the turn too far, ran for mayor of a rush, shake hands and accept each other is tribute .Then the team down with the press were also in the vice mayor in charge and other people who Shuaike behind Shuaike before the two attendants, a group of people filed into the fourstory house, into the third floor of the small meeting room table, with tea, or drink coffee. Roast suckling pig Shuaike Bridge II 2.33That night about ten of Mr. Smith is team moved into a small hotel, this small hotel stay full.Although the mayor invite all the guests, Mr. Smith went to the tavern for dinner time, was a little Routeng. However, when the meeting ended, a pedestrian out to Smith, when a small hotel occupancy, specifically suppress the pace Shuai Ke executives face a few words left him, and soon became very clear, even more hearty laughter, more happy.The good mood, even in the mayor, accompanied by the Deputy Mayor, Mr. came with table, see table golden, shiny expensive light roast suckling pig, he is still a very good mood, or, better and more fun.Shuaike vice mayor in charge then sat down the other side, it is natural to replace the secretary, as deputy mayor poured red wine.Mr. Mayor, Deputy Mayor was cut a roast suckling pig, and the most delicious taste of the most tender part of the best tenderloin carried the vice mayor is plate.Shuai Ke Wan down drunk in charge, the journalists were on the menu, and then work with the mayor, Mr., sometimes Haihui got up to another table, for the other person drinks upon the town hall, and ordered his subordinates accompanied them well.Three drinks, Shuaike competent Flushed some sweat has seeped jimmy choo out.Just look at the new mayor has served in a roasted suckling pig, was Shuaike competent to deal with this friend is really good, just like Mrs. Smith, like handroasted suckling pig, crispy, sweet, refreshing, and raised body.Mayor like roast suckling pig, but the mayor prefers to bring the Shuaike suckling pig and wine director.Mayor deliberately raised the glass to the suckling pig.Shuaike instead of roast suckling pig and drink this cup filled with the mayor of friendship and appreciation of wine.That night, both sides thoroughly enjoyed themselves.This meal, host and guest have fun.The next day at noon, after a meal guests, returned to the car, a dozen kilometers away, toward the history of slave training and embarked on the farm.Training farmers in the history of slavery has been heard the previous day afternoon to give him notice of the town today, Eden Group is to buy his corn corn seed.The news that he and Lucy are accidents.However, home business, why not?So today he took Betty to stay in the small farm, Lucy is a person riding a bicycle early to go to someone else is farm, because the harvester is also parked in the garage yesterday harvesting business was not done.History of slave culture until the afternoon, only to hear the calls of two big yellow dog, so the camel with his shoulder to the small Betty out of the front yard and saw this huge purchase of a team of sound volume.History of slave training for farmers is strange that he did not see the truck in the convoy, did not see the carriage, and even a donkey cart.Much like the fat of a roast suckling pig, Mr. warm hellos to him, while a small Mulan opens the door, facing a very enthusiastic gentleman like a big man walked into the front courtyard.History of slave culture that also with the mayor is side in the VIP is no longer hesitated, holding Betty is feet on the welcome the review.Mayor hurried pace than the big man, devoted to him on the deputy mayor, Shuaike charge, "rabbits are Daily" reporters, photographers, "Yu" reporter, as well as other accompanying corn Eden Group staff.Big man, Mr. Vice Mayor clicking sound Jimmy Choo Pumps waves of in the history of slave culture and affectionately shook hands, and then the history of slave culture and sitting on the shoulders, looked taller than his little Betty shook hands, and very gentleman kiss her little hands.Sitting on the shoulders of the history of slave training small Betty Kaka Lo a laugh, and then Shuaike supervisor, Mr. Mayor also have the clicking sound with the history of slave culture, and then shook hands with the little Betty.Betty has been little excitement Ka Kaka is laughing.Shuaike seriousness of the charge of training of farmers, said the history of slavery, this time, he represents the Eden Corn Group, who came to him to buy corn as seed

Shuaike then execute the second instruction in charge

payment of corn Eden interview invitation, reception staff, whether newspaper, or been ordered to hand off to a written invitation Shuaike delivery charge, all of this matter is very strange.Anyway, "Rabbit are Daily" sent a young female reporter, but also conveyed the request Shuaike, sent a professional static photographer, joined the team along with, came to the valley Ma fish.Shuaike charge, women journalists, professional still photographer, also includes "Yu reported" that the male journalist were on call, are called on to why some are puzzled by professional photographers.Because they all know that men and women journalists and journalists themselves carry an interview with the camera. Although their highend camera not the photographer is camera, Jimmy Choo H&M but the task to cope with such an interview is entirely more than sufficient. Shuaike also follow the instructions to charge the three members of the media to convey to an agreement he does not understand: I hope that picture looks better, the closer the better, in accordance with the number of sheets of film cleaning success count the money. If the photo can be published in a newspaper published a double count the money.Therefore, all three journalists film with a very ample, all three photos on the production of this interview full of confidence.Shuaike took charge of a team composed of reporters, came to the Green City.Shuaike then execute the second instruction in charge: invited to participate in the elite Green City of the procurement.When Shuaike competent met Mr. Green, the mayor of Medellin, the time, especially in the corn group handed out business cards after Eden, Mr. Medellin is more polite, and handsome in front of the faceoff charge, and ordered Two days after his secretary to the activities of transactions are delayed, canceled it can not be postponed.This allows Shuaike head was moved, the purchase of this baffling task full of confidence.But the next day near the time of departure, Medellin Mayor is secretary rushed to the hotel, head to the Shuaike personally handed a letter of explanation to Mr. Medellin has also brought his message: as a piece of it is tied On the political affairs of the body, had to cancel the accompanying behavior, and Mike asked him to convey his apologies to Deputy Director.Shuaike charge, after all, do not understand the language of these officers face, in fact, this message mean: Medellin mayor has been asking to understand, the accompanying invitation to purchase testimony from Mack, deputy director, not Eden corn Group, more than Xuelin directors or Eden * Green Mr Medellin therefore rejected the invitation to declare their political stance.Secretary did not tell Shuaike, but can not tell Shuaike: Medellin mayor after the facts are very angry that he refused the request of the Secretary to convey the message, but he was asked the Clerk to very serious, sincere, politely refused the invitation Shuaike charge.Shuaike do not understand the political director of the curved lines in. So he transferred to invite the other a deputy mayor, invited him to participate in witness this "Eden Corn group concern the collection of maize varieties, conservation work," the corn procurement.Therefore the team but also in the Green City stays for a day.However, all these schemes stay unhappy because they travel is calculated by the number of days granted to them by Eden Group of corn subsidies.Moreover, Green City, the scenery and, indeed, is the capital of the country than the rabbit more beautiful, the air seems fresher and more.Shuaike director, deputy director of

The lead is a black midrange commercial vehicle

n the open agricultural, harvesting the crop.Betty drove his father, enjoying the Han do not know happiness.Own food quickly dried, by blowing debris classification, to be cleaned, are classified positions shortly after a history of slave driving agricultural training to other farms to make money to go.To a peak in the valley, roaring machinery, when a fleet of shuttles to Chi Ma fish into the town.The lead is a black midrange commercial vehicle, the windows were tightly closed, blocking out dust, weakened the harsh sun outside.Blowing air inside the car, so the only big fat car passengers feel cool.The passengers called Shuaike, from Eden Corn Group headquarters.Shuaike forty this year has been about, but the body fat and rapid weight gain, it is something the last two years.First, one of his subordinates, Eden House, a small security team captain, Harris was quickly set aside as his colleagues, shocked him, make him feel jealous.Then he was surprised to find, security, Mr. Mack, deputy director of the center, the front of all the security forces dictate, so he was quite strange.When he heard from some colleagues in the mouth related news, he also actively move closer to the Deputy Director Mike, because he has to understand, Mike is the real boss in the security forces.This time, he was commissioned by the Deputy Director Mike, first be transferred to the Ministry of Justice, trainee working for some time.When he thought he was a pawn Mike arranged to time the Ministry of Justice, but he was Deputy Director Mike called back, and then was assigned a pint of corn in this purchasing five tasks.Mike convinced his instructions, decided to strictly enforce in the end, but it also was lost in their own minds of the task. 2.32 Shuaike Bridge II in actionMack, deputy director of the clear instructions, the Shuaike charge of the implementation of a trace of nonGou all his instructions.He first spent two days, to the capital of rabbits, invited "all rabbits Daily" and the agricultural class, "Yu" reporter, inviting them to send someone to go with fish hemp valley, in the five pints of corn seeds procurement. Also, Eden Group will pay money for their corn to the things written reports, published as black and white, the table is still in the focus group Mingyi Deng corn maize varieties preservation and research.Mr. Shuaike do not understand, five pints of corn, only six liters of volume, only a few kilograms only, will be able to fit in a small metal box, why is this a grand scale, but also requires specialized and so are his Rabbit a day to to wait for "Rabbit is Journal" reporter to end the matter at hand, to participate in the purchase of his team.As for the "Yu reported," the lanky male reporter, then in jimmy choo his early to have time to rabbits in the newspaper to have been waiting, waiting for him to put him away."Yu reported that" the efficiency of the reasons for such a highly efficient, Shuaike executives can guess a few: "Yu News" newspaper is engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry class, forty percent controlling stake held by the Group of Eden Corn a holding subsidiary of the hands. Therefore, the Eden Group of corn has an absolute upper management of the newspaper is influence.Therefore, "Yu reported" almost equivalent to a group run by Eden Corn newspaper. Although this newspaper has never been open his beat around the bush with the Eden Group is share of maize association."Rabbit is Daily News," the rabbit is very influential political circles in a newspaper, but not with agriculture has always been detached. This time, the Group received a

Zhe Yiquan down at least 400 kilograms of explosive

captain, who may think about ways as soon as possible," a little nervous when the ancient Man, turning to Battle said, when things beyond their endurance, regardless of who will be a little nervous or out of control."I know, it appears it is getting worse and worse?" I do not know when, Chen and all the rest of the stones jimmy choo have been standing behind the plug hole."Just to an energy gun, the lion better than Tugou strong wolf?" Beiduo Qi force is spit a clot of phlegm, and firmly said."That is, there is an energy gun, one person can be this group of trivial dry light," Dracula interfaces Road, is a pity that no energy is not only guns, an ability to be proud of have been frozen, and so he Mother is depressing."Well, now is not" chitchatting "when the first hole to move to the fire, and fire, Wang added some fire to the evil beasts have a certain deterrent, and threw out a wolf by only a lion small mouth, one by one to eliminate the introduction of "cool layout of the Chen Jin, as they keep the cave, a gap is more sure is good for some.Base for each of the "miners" is equipped with a dagger and a machete as a hedge, this time put to a use, eight people will machetes in our hands, ready to fight the upcoming survival."Arnold, Joris keep the two of you on both sides of the gap, hole for the Lions against the wolf, has to deal with the rest broke into the head of the wolf to the lion, killing the body will be thrown outside, so let them rob the bodies of companions to spread part of the lion the wolf, "Chen Jin has orderly layout of the article, really punches were dogs bully, his eight people were coming to an end bullying dozen lions wolves will come up."I have, you go to split a small gap, slow movement, immediately after the demolition of a good exit to" make preparations for Chen, tonight is a relationship to their bloody eight lives."Yes," aweinspiring in one hand with the knife, went to plug the hole in the rubble, before slowly removed the stones piled next to the cliff side, then have a few wolf lion is front paws clinging to cliff force .Moment later to split Jimmy Choo H&M a large head and a gap, a Lion Wolf stretch can not wait to come first, noble Lion Langtou lightning to hit a punch, back fist at the ship when there is force of 300 kilograms, with few the first three hours of blood into the internal Jimmy Choo Wedges energy of the snake body refining, Zhe Yiquan down at least 400 kilograms of explosive, this is my conservative estimate.Just listen to "awe" is heard, this pioneer was the wolf blow crushed the lion is head, and it gets a head of the original gap is more than fresh fighting has become one the size of the gap.Next to the Arnold and Joris eyes light up, little brother to the power of the outbreak not soda out of his body, the unthinkable, they do not know, go on a pot of aweinspiring drink snake blood is erupted from a heat flow, heat Donghonghong who want to send some diarrhea."I have, come back," Chen Jinli is called, did not expect the younger brother will blow open the gap was so large, although somewhat surprised, but this time do not have time to think.Hao Ran Chen heard the cry immediately